Become a Dashbike Ambassador (f/m/d) from April 2021 to April 2022


Do you have a passion for cycling, training, and capturing beautiful photos of your tours and experiences?

Are there a lot of talks about cycling in your own community? Whether online or offline 😊


Would you consider yourself a sporty cyclist, an everyday cyclist or a commuter?

Whether you ride 5 kilometers to work or 150 kilometers to train, if cycling is your passion, we are looking for YOU.


As a start-up and young team of ambitious and former professional cyclists, we have unfortunately had to experience countless dangerous situations ourselves such as accidents, serious falls and even hit-and-run incidents.

In order to make cycling safer and more enticing, we as a team of cyclists have developed a privacycompliant dashcam with daytime running lights, a distance sensor, GPS, a fall sensor, and so much more for the bicycle. This attachment will allow us to safely devote ourselves to the beautiful sides of cycling, enjoy the ride and arrive back home exhausted but happy and above all healthy!

Cycling is also a team sport and therefore we would be very happy to welcome you in Team DASHBIKE as an Ambassador (f/m/d). We would like to support you in your passion, equip you as a cyclist and make your rides safer! Because health is the highest concern of an athlete and every human being. And this includes safety on the bike!

If you are interested and want to support us in making cycling safer, we are looking forward to receiving your application.

To achieve our goal of making cycling safer and more enticing, we would be delighted if you would regularly use and wear our DASHBIKE products, feature them in your pictures each month and share them with your community.

In return we secure you and your rides and equip you with a comprehensive DASHBIKE Ambassador team package worth over 450€.

You will get from us:

  • Innovative DASHBIKE Back Dashcam including app usage

  • DASHBIKE jersey

  • DASHBIKE sweater

  • DASHBIKE T-Shirt

  • DASHBIKE headband

And of course, we offer support in case of damage. We would love to include a contribution about you on our homepage if you are willing. In the future we also want to plan common trips and Ambassador events as soon as the Corona measures allow it again.

By the way, you can also contribute with your DASHBIKE Back Dashcam to improve your own cycling routes for you and your cycling friends. On a voluntary basis, you can anonymously share your sensor data to help create maps with routes and hotspots where distance violations or other dangerous situations often occur in your city. On this basis, together with a traffic professorship, we will give concrete recommendations for action your city can take to improve the cycling infrastructure for you and for us!


We are looking forward to receiving your application,

Your Team Dashbike

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