Our Story.

Cycling is freedom - Safety a basic need!

What does cycling mean to you?

For us, cycling means one thing above all: freedom! There is nothing better than cycling outside, feeling the fresh air and your own strength in your legs. That's what drives us. Whether alone or with friends, whether for work or sports, we are totally in love with cycling!

We, the DASHFACTORY team, are former professional cyclists as well as passionate cyclists who like to get on their bikes at every opportunity. In this way, we not only do something good for ourselves and our health, but also protect the environment.

As beautiful as cycling is, it can unfortunately become very dangerous, and that can happen extremely suddenly! Especially our sporty ambitious cyclists already have had to experience countless dangers in road traffic, which did not always end well.

When several accidents including driver escape happened among friends in 2018, Lelia and Sandro took this terrible incident as an opportunity to change the status quo. In November 2019, they founded the company in Jena with the mission of making cycling safer and more attractive.

Meanwhile, the DASHFACTORY team includes over 14 employees from over 8 different countries with different skills and talents.

What began with the innovative DASHBIKE quickly became more and more. In cooperation with the city of Leipzig, the urban data platform DASHTRACK was developed. On a voluntary and anonymous basis cyclists can now make the sensor data of the DASHBIKE available to their city. The cities can use the data for their planning purposes to improve the infrastructure for cyclists in an efficient and determined way.

Thats how we can activly improve our own cycling infrastructure just by using the DASHBIKE, in addition to the safety gain.

Because we at DASHFACTORY love cycling and believe that safe cycling is possible! What are you waiting for? Become a part of us ❤️